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Distributor of the finest Industrial lubricant specialties, maintenance products and a host of allied products & businesses; we have on offer the most powerful brands in the world. We represent the respective companies as their country distributor in India.
Take a moment to view our product-line. On the offer is an array of high quality synthetic industrial lubricants, food-grade lubricants, industrial maintenance products and corrosion protection products etc. Exceeding your expectations, our products are the technologies in vogue in the modern manufacturing industries.

High Temperature Industrial Compressor Oils

There would be no better way to protect your investment than using Ultrachem Inc. Compressor fluids. An impressive array of high-quality lubricants, Ultrachem Compressor Oils can extend the life of your compressors which also support all types of compressors.

Established in 1965, Ultrachem is one of an oldest and most recognized synthetic lubricant manufacturer – producing a full range of compressor lubricants. Privately held since 1984 by a group of key employees, Ultrachem has built an impressive reputation as a premium synthetic lubricants supplier of the OEM and industrial maintenance markets.Corporate headquarters and manufacturing are located in Delaware—a centre for superior technological expertise.

For 30 years, Ultrachem Compressor Lubes have been refined and brought to the finest standards of compressor lubes on the market.These fit your specific needs of all rotary screw, centrifugal or reciprocating compressors & are designed to protect against extreme pressures, extreme temperatures, wear and deposit formations, mechanical stress, metal-to-metal wear, oxidation, and much more.


An extensive line of high-tech, synthetic compressor oils offer a series of benefit

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